This game was developed by a team of teachers during the 15th LISAA Game Jam. Theme: “The Other Side”


On a gloomy little planet, two vampires are at odds with each other: the classical Night Vampire, who fears the sunlight, and its nemesis, the Light Vampire, who fears the darkness.


The game is similar to an auto-runner: as the planet revolves on itself, the Night and Light Vampires are constantly running away from dawn or dusk, as each of them loses the game as soon as they enter the wrong timezone. While doing so, the vampires can cast spells to set traps on their opponent’s path in hopes to slow them down and make them cross over to the wrong side of the Day/Night cycle. There are 4 spells available to both players:

  • Garlic: drops a garlic trap that slows  for a short time upon contact
  • Holy water: drops a holy water trap that stuns for a short time upon contact
  • Bloodrush: drops a blood vial that triggers a superboost upon contact
  • Vampiric Shield: removes any ongoing status and provides immunity for a short time

The 4 spells are displayed in a randomly ordered queue for each player. Each player can cast or discard the next spell in their own queue, which will remove it from the queue and trigger a cooldown. Spells can’t be cast during cooldown, but discarding remains possible, although it will reset the cooldown. Once the queue is empty, the spells reshuffle to create a new random queue. Be careful, as players are also affected by their own traps.

Once a player crosses over to “the other side”, their opponent wins the game.


  • Z: Jump
  • E: Cast next spell
  • A: Discard next spell


  • A: Jump
  • RB/RT: Cast next spell
  • LB/LT: Discard next spell

Team members:

  • Douglas Alves: Gameplay balancing, gameplay and visual references, UI design
  • Yohann “Kounotori” Guérin: Gameplay balancing, functional specifications, task management
  • Say Hang: Character design and modeling
  • Erik “Rikoo” Kubiak: Prototyping, integration, shaders, task management
  • Aurélien Montero: Sound design
  • Xavier Puchol: Gameplay balancing, artistic direction, environment design and modeling

Special thanks for the brainstorming:

  • Morgane Bader
  • Christophe Bessis
  • Jérémie Southgate

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