This game is about Noe on his Ark. For now, he has only a turtle, a sheep and a chicken. Unfortunately, the chicken is pretty crazy and will just try to sink your boat !Hopefully, you are not alone you can be helped by friends (as it is a coop-local game) and the other animals. You can catch them with your holy vacuum. The sheep will absorb the water, water that you will be able to spit on boat sides. The turtle will block the hole if close enough.You can also cannon the chicken if you want, it will give you some rest...but new ones will get on the boat.

Be sure to live the maximum amount of time ! Be brave and resist that chicken tiranny

It is a coop game so feel free to play with others  😉

Controls (keyboard):

- zqsd/arrows for movement

- Left Click to Vacuum

- E to Ready

Controls (Gamepad):

- Left Joystick for movement

- 'South' to Vacuum or Ready

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