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"War! Fire and ice spread across the land, tipping the Eternal Scales of Power. The Aethereal Guardian —a lone wizard— must fight to restore the balance between the forces of Yin and Yang."


- WASD: Movement

- Space: Dashing

- Left Click: Melee Attack

- E: Aiming

- Right Click: Simple Range Attack

-Hold Right Click: Charged Melee Attack


  • Anthelme Dumont: UI/UX Design, Programming, and Implementation
  • Dane Byrd: Game Design, UX Design & Testing, Combat and Ability Design, additional reference collation and direction
  • Erik Kubiak: Gameplay Programmer(3C), integration, Game Design, structuring the project
  • Jordi Caballol: Enemy AI Design and Programming
  • Alex Epton: programming (world streaming), ground shader, music/audio
  • TheRensei: VFX


Build-SpiceJam.zip 99 MB


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(3 edits)

Update for v1: The game is now properly playable, and completable. It is very visually stylish (I love the title screen in particular) and the bouncy animation makes the whole thing feel very alive. The music is pretty much perfect for  the tempo of the game action. The characters are all adorable.

The dash was a great addition, and the three hit combo is still very nice feeling. Figuring out how to make use of the ranged attacks was tricky, and I think that it might've worked better without needing to hold E to switch to ranged mode- as it was, I completed the game without using ranged at all before figuring it out, so it probably isn't a huge deal.

With melee, it took some getting used to the mouse being used for attack but not aiming(more similar to a gamepad style, I think?) but once I was used to it it worked just fine.

Gauging progress and where I needed to go next was tricky but (I think) I figured it out by the end- enough to complete the game, at least! The health display did not update but health restore flowers seemed to be plentiful enough to not worry too much about it.

The menu has a few functions that don't do anything, but a working menu at all is pretty uncommon for gamejam entries!

The only serious bug was that if you die while holding a mouse button the menus seem to no longer take mouse input(it just plays an attack noise when you click).

Initial release: A shame about the broken interface, since it is a cute game and I like the concept. I couldn't really use the map properly but I see what you were going for. The three attack combo is very nice.